Learn Python and Django: Payment Processing

What Will I Learn? Process payments with Stripe Build a web app with Django and Python Deploy an application using Python Anywhere Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript Build a custom contact form that uses Gmail to send emails Access to entire source code Requirements No previous programming experience required Any computer Description *** September 2016: All […]

Make a Match-Three Puzzle Game in Unity

What Will I Learn? Make their own match-three puzzle game to be deployed on PC/Mac or their mobile device! Create a tile-based 2D game in Unity Requirements Unity 3D version 5.4 or above (free Personal edition) Mac or PC OPTIONAL Photoshop or image-editing program to customize art assets (downloadable assets provided) Description Massive 2017 Updates! We […]

Introduction to Computer Vision | Master OpenCV 3 in Python

What Will I Learn? Build complex computer vision applications using the latest techniques in OpenCV Understanding how to use Machine Learning & Augmented Reality in computer vision Use computer vision to implement cool startup ideas Use several methods of object detection and facial analysis to create amazing apps Program in Python Use Numpy in Python […]

Full-Stack Web Apps with Meteor and React

What Will I Learn? Learn how to create full-stack web applications Learn how to launch your own full-stack web applications, switch careers, or freelance as a full-stack developer Learn how to create apps that support authentication and user accounts Learn how to build out applications using great third-party tools like MongoDB, Robomongo, Enzyme, react-router, and […]

Advanced Scalable Python Web Development Using Flask

What Will I Learn? You will learn advanced concepts for Flask web development including Blueprints You will be introduced to MongoDB and the concepts of NoSQL databases You will learn strategies for scaling applications to millions of reads and writes per second You will learn to use Amazon Web Services like S3 and SES through […]

Learn Design Patterns Through Python in Simple Way

What Will I Learn? Understanding of 23 design patterns described in GOF book Python implementation understanding of each pattern Python source code of each pattern 50 Quiz questions related to all 23 patterns Focus to make a thought process to design Learn to visualize the problem scenario and solution in OO Requirements Understanding of Object […]