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Mouthwatering Homestyle Vegan Desserts

What Will I Learn? Replace animal ingredients (e.g, eggs, milk, butter) in familiar dessert recipes Prepare vegan desserts for family and friends Requirements You should be able to accurately measure ingredients Description Whether you have been vegan for sometime, just made the switch or are just curious about what vegans eat, you’ll know or soon […]

Teach English Online: how to find students and what to teach

What Will I Learn? Set yourself up as a freelance Online English Teacher Find students all over the world using a variety of different strategies Earn premium rates by teaching a niche English course Design lessons that meet the needs and interests of your students Teach the core language skills of writing, speaking, listening and […]

How Positive Thinking Increase 1000% More Productivity

What Will I Learn? Learn what is positive thinking Importance of positive thinking and understanding the Law Learn how to motivate yourself Learn how to make right decision Learn how to understanding your problems and solve them What is rules of our life Learn how to understanding your brain and what your are thinking Learn […]

Chess Strategies: Learn Attacking Tactical Chess Maneuvers

What Will I Learn? Improve the quality of your chess games Understanding of the fundamentals of tactical strikes Improve your tactical skills Find the best move in certain types of positions Description This course covers attacking chess motifs such as defence annihilation, decoying, distraction, discovered attack and pursuit. I will demonstrate not only the concept […]

Learn 20 Powerful Hypnotic Words For Influence & Persuasion

  What Will I Learn? By the end of this course you will master conversational hypnosis techniques and learn 20 powerful words that can be used for persuasion and influencing people You will be more confident and achieve more success while conversing with people and will be able to influence them more effectively than before […]

Astrology – The Step-by-Step Beginner’s Course

What Will I Learn? know the basic elements of Astrology how to interpret the elements of Astrology basically read an interpret a Natal Chart know the Astrology Working Tehniques have a better understanding of Astrology and how it works Requirements You need a computer and internet connection You need passion and an open mind towards […]