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Appium – Selenium for Mobile Automation Testing

  Appium provides an excellent platform for supporting mobile application automation testing. An easy to use tool, the Appium provides excellent opportunities for those who wants to move to mobile testing space. A recent global study has indicated that there will be a huge demand for mobile test automation engineers and Big IT companies are […]

Continuous Integration Workflow

Continuous integration is a development practice that requires code to be built and tested multiple times a day, whenever a new feature is committed by a developer. By integrating continuously, teams are able to detect errors quickly and track down bugs more easily. Many development teams find that continuous integration is crucial to their productivity. […]

Selenium WebDriver with Java

What Will I Learn? You will know how to write test scripts using Selenium WebDriver You will know how to identify identify various web elements using Selenium Yow will know how to work with Selenium Grid Best practices with Selenium Using Selenium with TestNg, Maven, Ant, AutoIT, GitHub Knowledge about various Test Automation Frameworks Selenium […]

Selenium Webdriver with Java (Basics + Advance + Architect)

What Will I Learn? By the end of the course you will be as much trained to automate any web based application using Selenium Many pdf files, course code and other reference material will be provided along with the video lectures Requirements No prior Java / coding knowledge required as everything is taught from the […]