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Head First Java 2nd Edition

Currently in its 2nd edition, Head First Java is one of the simplest ways to dive into the complex Java programming language.   The book teaches you how to write code by working on fun examples like games, quizzes, and fun little apps. You’ll learn about networking and OOP techniques all through repetition and fun […]

Java Object-Oriented Programming : Build a Quiz Application

What Will I Learn? Understand all the core Object-Oriented concepts in Java Understand Object Life Cycle with Internal Memory Organization Think in an Object-Oriented manner while writing programs Confidently write Java Console Applications using Object-Oriented concepts Requirements Some very basic knowledge of Java like variables, conditional statements, looping statements, arrays, methods is expected Description Note:- Some […]

Computer Science for Beginners learn by building 6 Java Apps

What Will I Learn? Boost your employability by acquiring skills in high demand Learn Java programming: a fantastic language which can be used in most devices Understand the main pillars of Computer Science, enabling you to learn any other language easily! Requirements : A computer running Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or basically […]

Selenium TestNG working with Java

Learning Selenium and preparing good Automation Test Frameworks we need to have good knowledge of TestNG. Better understanding of TestTG results better Frameworks. TestNG is a testing framework for the Java programming language inspired by JUnit and NUnit. The design goal of TestNG is to cover a wider range of test categories: unit, functional, end-to-end, […]

Learning Java 8 Training Videos

You will start by learning how to install the Java development kit, then move onto creating a project and package and writing and running your first Java class. Mike then teaches you how to create a scrapbook page, define variables, work with integers and floating point variables, and document project fields. This video tutorial also […]

Learn Android Development From Scratch

What Will I Learn? To create full fledged Android Applications and Games To understand the core concepts of Android Programming To understand the features and specifications of the Android SDK To master Eclipse ADT and Android SDK To be able to work on commercial and free lance projects on Android Description: This Tutorial series teaches […]