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Resume Secrets. Don’t Make These Mistakes On Your Resume!

What Will I Learn? Select the correct words to use on your resume to get attention. Create a list of accomplishments to highlight your skills. Identify what should be on your resume and what should not. Find the best job websites to use. Get their resume listed on the first of a job website. Research […]

Triple Your Job Interviews – My Huge Job Interview Secret

Description: Most people job hunt by applying online which is the worst possible way to find a job. But that’s all most people know because we’re simply never taught how top performing job hunters look for jobs. After I graduated university, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a job. I spent hours […]

(2017) Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn®, Interviewing +More

  Description: “A very informative course with a great suite of downloadable materials. There are many techniques that I have never even considered while conducting a job hunt.” -Christopher Taber Be Part of the Career Empowerment Movement // Course v4.0 Live October 2016 Present Yourself Like a Pro on Your Resume, LinkedIn® Profile, and in Interviews You […]

Resume preparation guide for QA professionals

Description : In this you will learn how to prepare a professional resume from the scratch . All the key areas are discussed during the course and also a sample resume is explained to get more idea to start prepare your resume in a professional way. Note that good resume will help you in short […]